Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Oz part 4 (Diamond Falls)

Well yesterday I went back down to Diamond Falls with Karen. After warming up on a fantastic 23 pitch we headed around to the main wall for the really buissness. I had one quick go on 'Mr Tickle' (8b+) but fell going out for this really small crimp which is around this little bulge, so you cant see it for shiiiiitt!! Great moves on perfect small edges......for me this is a sort of style I dream about!! Then it was Karens turn on 'Mr Meaner' (8a+)....she climbed the first wall very smoothly and then came the crux....she punched through it and clipped the chains ;)....She had been working this route for a while so was totally made up when she climbed it! Totally crushed! Her first of the grade!
Then it was my turn to keep the send train rolling......I didnt climb the lower wall as well as I would have liked but got through it again and found myself resting before the hard slap to the crimp...... I went fully for it and stuck it!! After this it eases off and so I also clipped the chains on Mr Tickle!! Good times ;) I then finished the day by repeating Hairline 2000 and Super Duper Goo in order to get some pictures and a little video footage.....good training!!
Super Duper Goo (8a) Diamond Falls

SDG (8a)

Last roof section!!!!

Getting stuck in!!!
Well thats all for now.....I only have 3 days left of climbing so will hopefully make them count!!
Pooferator tomoz..........;)

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