Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Thor's cave

Went over to Thor's cave yesterday for 2nd time hoping the bird nest had fallen out of the final pocket of the amazing Thormens moth 8a. Luckily it had and I got staight on it. It was abit of a fight as i had no warm up and hadnt climbed in a week but did get the route done first redpoint. I think basically this is the best 8a in the peak, its awesome!! The holds are all huge pockets traversing across an amazing roof with big, pumpy moves linking them. The route is bone dry and well bolted. So... people get on it. You also get to top out over the lip of the cave once you have clipped the chain and celerbrate by jumping off!!! Back in the Peak now for abit. Chee dale is calling again.

Cricket & Glasto

Just got back from a week down south. Had a great time seeing people and doing some other things rather than just going climbing! Went to Southampton and watched England beat Australia in the cricket. An amazing game with a little irish lad scoring a cracking 100 to win the game. Nice one!! Then headed to Glastonbury for the weeknd. Had a schweeeet time watching loads of awesome bands. It was soooo HOT but totally worth it.

Here are some pics from the week

Monday, 21 June 2010

More Cheese grated down in dale

Again having some great days down in the gorge. Been there about 10 times already since i've been home! What a place to be. Ed got the short and sharp Entree 8a done other day and I got the Spider 8a on the Plum buttress. Two great routes of complete different styles. Nice!! Anyway both had day off agian today and was keen to check out somewhere different. Headed to the Upper tier of embankment wall. Was abit of a fight through the jungle and shit path, Ed slipped and put his whole arm in a field of nettles but got there and abbed in. Was very impressed with it! Sweet crag in a great position above the valley. So ya got some nice onsights done then did the classic brown bag 2nd go and flashed Vision after some beta perfection from the boy. Nice one matey! He got that 2nd go and flashed brown bag.
Need a rest now for a few days and are heading south to watch some cricket. 1st ODI against the Aussies in Southampton. Well psyched for it! Hope they do better than the footballers. Then we are off to Glastonbury for the music fest. Which is going to be minted!!!!!! Back on Monday having rested the skin and head!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Few more things done last few days. Had my first sesh at the tor on sunday which was good. Havnt been there since last summer. Did a newly bolted 7c called Obcene gesture which had an ace crux off an upside down mono then did Body machine from the ground avec the new start. Found it quite pumpy and defo worth 7c+. Its probably better now without having to piss around up the tree. Been back down to the embankment at chee dale ticking Aberration 8a, which is a great route with an odd but decent line taking a rising traverse across the wall! Went with Ed today down to the Cornice at water-cum jolly. The crags is quite good nick just needs abit more traffic. Started off badly faffing around abit but then ed nearly flashed the dole 7c+ getting it 2nd go and then ticked Rumble in the jungle 8a+ after a quick play. I was psyched for it as it looked amazing. It had one of the best moves i have ever done on a route!!! A full on, cut loose dyno for a big hold near the top of the crag. Took a few attempts to stick the hold and the route was in! Good day had. Yaa maan...

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Summer psyche....

Chee Dale, Minos (7c+)

(7A) Mark's Roof Left Hand

Weathers been abit dodgy this week but have managed to get out a few times. Been doing some classics down at cheedale again which is great fun. Managed to tick Why me?, Cry of despair and lightweight which are all great 7c's and also Oranage sunshine and Minos both tricky litl 7c+'s. Also was up at Gardoms yesterday afternoon, keeping the trad rolling. Yeehaa! Did a couple of the E3's and then did Make it slappy E6 6b. Fun litl route. Finished the day off by ticking marks roof. Brill problem and good holding those slopers in the summer heat!!. Gritstone syke is not dead yet!

Monday, 7 June 2010


Hey up!

Just got back from Autria last night, was a great competition and really phsyced!!

We met up with every one at Manchester airport and headed off to Autria. Had 2 full rest days chilling by the pool and swimming in a freezing cold pond was mint!!. On the day of the comp I had a great burn up the first route and fell going for the final jug BUMMER!! but was placed 5th after it, then on the 2nd route I topped out which was a great feeling and was through for the final placed joint 4th. On the final day I felt rested and ready to crush, I went out for the route viewing for 6 minutes worked out the route with a beastly climber 'Kevin Aglae' but I didnt see everything. When it was my turn to to climb I got to the point where I had not seen this hold and tried to pull straight through to the next hold which was about 2 meters away and fell which was very annoying!!. But it was my first EYS Final so I was phsyced and next time I will be ready for some hidden holds hahah

Peace out


Thursday, 3 June 2010

Peak limestone!

Been down to Cheedale last couple of days and checked out the cornice as i heard it was dry! Its ace. Alot of the routes are in good nick so get down there. Got some nice routes in the 7a-7b+ range, good milage as always. Ticked Powerplant 8a today which was great fun. Very unlike most peak 8a's being much steeper and with bigger holds. Char crushed it and Chris should have done it too. Next time matey. Really psyched for the limestone as its so dry. Will defo be heading down there quite abit this summer for sure. Ed flew off to austria today to compete in european cup. So will see how that goes.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

North Wales

Orite! This is the new blog for the summer for the MC hammer brovs.

Finished Uni on friday so.....3 months off!! Yeeehaaaaa. Ed came down to north wales for a few days. Weather was pretty decent for a change and headed to the orme. Anyway yeh conditions were pretty minted so went down to LPT a couple of times. I got Melancholie 8b and Ed ticked Pas de deux 8a+ 1st redpoint and flashed Parasite 8a. He then went on to crush In heaven and Pilgrim both hard V12. Was a good few days. Well psyched for the summer now. Will keep the posts regularly updated and any recent sends. OUT!


first post

First post for the summer!!