Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Off to Spain

Off down to Cambridge today and then catching a late flight out to Zaragoza tomorrow. Heading to Rodellar for 6 days for some steep pumping sport routes!!Cant wait, very excited! Also did a couple of other routes on ze grit, one being the amazing London wall E5 6a at Millstone and then the under-rated Science friction E6 6a at Froggat.
Back next wednesday...

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

An End To This Affair

Just spent a great couple of days out on the grit. Finn MC was up and psyched to hit all things gritstone!! First hit was up to Robin hoods stride to get on Kaluza Klein E7 6c. After a brief play on it Finn stepped up and went for the lead, slipped and took the ground fall then got staight back on it and sent it next go! Good work! I was struggleing with the left foot rockover so tried the right foot first and it worked. So no excuses and went for it. Luckily I got it that go! Phewwww :) Next...
Today we went up to Curbar Moon buttress to have a crack at the celerbrated END of the AFFAIR E8 6c. Ed was also keen and joined the team! The conditions were minted, blue skye, cold, sunny and just perfect. Sending time!!! After we had all got it sussed on the top rope Finn manned up and stepped on. I was at the bottom ready to hurl myself down the gulley... In true style the man nailed it without a fuss. After that I then sent it and then Ed crushed it for his first E8! A brilliant team effort. Three ascents in less than an hour...awesome!
Bring on more grit I'd say.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

BLCC's update!!!

Last weekend I was up at Ratho climbing centre in Scotland competeing in the junior catagory and senior. On the staurday I competed in the Junior group and managed to win that which was great fun!!.
On the Sunday I also competed in the Senior catagory which was really good fun and the routes were sick!! I also won this group which was un-expected and amazing and was really syked to do this!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Arete mania

Been out on the grit a few times this week which has been awesome. Had a team crush of the Higgar tor block with Whittaker, Randall and Bailes. High light was a sneaky flash of the left arete Block and Tackle E6 6c. Then have been up to Stanage pop with an ascent of 10 O'Clock Watershed E6 6c and then yesterday headed to Burbage SOUTH and nabbed a quick send of the amazing Messiah E7 6c.
Here are some cool shots of Messiah courtesy of Mr Bailes.