Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Snogging Crocodiles and Petting Alligators

Had a cracking couple of weekends out on the grit recently! Perfect conditions to get your head back in the game for gritstone.
So last weekend I met Ethan up at Higgar tor. He had got there abit earlier and had already done the powerful lefthand arete Block and Tackle and so the only thing left to do on the block was Linkline (E6 6c). This we didnt really know too much about but after a couple of attempts, it was in the bag and what a great route it was! Pumpy, with long moves and good gear!!
Then this weekend, Saturday consisted of a bouldering sessions up at Burbage South ticking some classics that we had never done before.
The Sphinx V7 (high!), Boyager V8 (turd landing!) , Monochrome V8, Velvet Crab V7 and Rocket man V8+.
Then finally on Sunday I managed to finish off the wierd and amazing Dangerous Crocodile Snogging (E7 6c) at Ramshaw. I had been trying to do this route for a while now and everytime something seemed to go wrong with it. Firstly the weather is usually shit over that way and we got rained and snowed on a couple of times just before attempting the route. Then once, I forgot the key size 5 friend at home and then the last time we got there, someone was one it!!! Jeeez
Anyway was good to nail it this time!
Ed did a desperate problem called Ram Air V8+.

Got it on film too, Enjoy.....

Ed was in Slovenia over the last 10 days and here is a video of climbing Petting With An Alligator 8A+ Maltatal, Austria

Monday, 26 November 2012

Autumn Update

Hey all,

So yeh, its been a while since the last blog update! We've both been pretty busy working hard, so not too much to report on the climbing front. I've been doing Rope Access work the last couple of months with work in Manchester, Isle of White and Reading and Ed's been busy on staff training days with his main sponsor Sherpa. We have managed to get out a bit on the weekends though.

A few weekends ago I did my first trad route in quite a while, with a flash of the awesomely steep Painted Rumour (E6 6a) at the Roaches. Its a route I've wanted to do for quite a while as its just a huge gritstone roof, with some scary yarding to an awkward hands off rest in a hole and then an exposed finale pulling onto the headwall. I used a slightly dodgy tactic of tieing down the sling on the flake which looked pretty stupid but thats what I was told everyone does to stop it falling off! Anyway, everything went smoothly.

Then a couple of weekends ago we were down at Rubicon where the conditions were incredible for this time of year! So with out wasting any time I got stuck into the classic peak route Zeke the Freak (8b). I had tried the route before on a couple of occassions but it had never felt do able. Anyway this time it was bone dry and cold! And so quite unexpectedly managed to send it pretty quickly. Classic Peak crimping!

Starting up the massive roof

Pulling over onto the headwall
Dodgy looking tied off rope on flake! 

Waddage from last month
Milking the rest after chimes belay
Big ass move high up
Success! Happy times
(Cheers Michael Bate for the shots!)

Friday, 12 October 2012

Sherpa ‘On the hill’ event>>>>

First up were a couple of days spent in the Lakes District with the Sherpa team and 25 other shop staff from around the country. It was a chance for everybody to get together and test out some of the new Sherpa gear. We all set off early wearing plenty of warm kit as we were told it could be -3 on the tops. It pretty much rained solidly for 4 hours while walking, which was brilliant as the kit got seriously tested! Haha! It was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to the next…..

BLCC 2012 Senior Win>>>>

After returning from the Gorges du Loup, I got the motivation to get on with some training and take part in the BLCC’s 2012. I decided at the end of 2011 I would step back from the comp scene a bit and try and get outdoors more. I did so and had some great trips to Turkey, Spain and France. 10 months on and I was psyched again to get back into the lead comps. First hit was the BLCC’s. I felt in good shape and was super excited to be competing. The whole day went very well for me, I managed to top the first route and just missed out on the topping the second as I timed out (to slow) clipping the chains. I made it to the final along with Barrans, Tilley, White, Parsons and Phillips. The final route was super cool at around 8b. I came out and climbed until I had nothing left in the tank. After all of the finalists had climbed, I found out that I had gained first place by the skin of my teeth. I think I held a hold that Robbie touched?!?! It was a lot of fun seeing everybody again and I am buzzing for the Slovenia WC in just over 1 month.


Once back from Ratho I had arranged to meet up with Luke Tilley over in Leeds to have a couple of hard core training sessions. It started with a sweet day out at Caley (15 mins away from the crib).  We both managed to make quick sends of Block Buster (7B+) and JuJu club (7B+/7C). I also luckily managed to climb Zoo York (8A) in a session, a fantastic problem with great moves. We then finished the day with a late night board session with the rest of Luke’s house mates. Psyche was high. The next day we were up and out at 9am and ready to hit up the Leeds Wall. We both had a sick session on the routes and boulders. A great couple of training days, thanks to Luke.

                 Senior Podium: Robbie Phillips/Ed Hamer/Dave Barrans                    

                                                           Final Route

                                                          Sherpa Adventure gear testing day
Here are a couple petit training video's innit,
Rest is calling!!!!!! Onwards and upwards!!!!!

Friday, 5 October 2012


I've just got home from a lightling fast trip to the amazing Frankenjura in Germany! I was only there week but we managed to fit quite a lot of stuff into such a short time, with some climbing, a bit of sight seeing and even went back to school for a day! It was an amazing week in a very special place with a very special person, Tanja.
She kindly invited me over and gave me a tour of some of the best crags in Northern Frankenjura. Just down the road from her house!! It was great to have someone local show me around the place and I got a much better feel for the area!
Weather wise it was perfect climbing conditions being cool and sunny.
I dont know why we hadnt gone back, since we went there 4 years ago as its just such an incredible place to go climbing. So yeh it was awesome fun! Cant wait for the next trip there. Check out the shots to see what we got up to!

Here were a few of the amazing routes I did:-
Nikita 8a+, Infiziert 7c+, Lochverstarker 7c+, Down Under 7c+, Marathon Man 7b+, Dumbo 7b, Die Vollerdung 7a+, Salsa 7a.
Celebrating the onsight of Down Under 7c+
Classic 8 (7a) of the Jura- Salsa
Drinking in Bamberg-Gasmos!!
Huge pizza in Bamberg

Aaamazing Bavarian food!
Stick clip or is that a Clip stick?
Spot the lady with the four breasts!
Nikita 10- (8a+)


Then apart from that, we've been out abit back home, mainly just ticking off a few things down at the Tor. The Prow and Cruxifiction (both 8a) were super cool lines all the way to the top of the crag! Also ticked a couple of Ted's cool links, The Green Rooster 8a and Lets get Green 7c+. Ed did The Toilet 8a

Then we checked out a little crag down at WCJ with a route called The Vision on it. It was pretty dirty and hadnt been climbed for a good while and we found it quite tricky to figure out which route was which. But we spent a bit of time cleaning and it turned out to be quite a decent and pretty desperate route!! Not quite the 7c/+ it says in the guide! More like tough 8a we thought!
Then up the road at Bigginers wall I did Fossil wall 7c and a couple of new 7c's down at Rubicon, Slapin and The Wimp.

Then last but not least I had a great day down at the Tor this week with Ethan. It was amazing to have the crag pretty much to our selves considering its been so horribly busy the last few times I've been there. Anyway I did the awesome extention to Chimes, which goes all the way to the top of the crag called Waddage 8b. Its a pretty rad route with a full on jump move right near the top after a lot of climbing!
Then after that I did a neat little route tucked around the corner called Tomb Raider 8a. Only short but packs in the moves!! Ethan then dispatched a cool problem called Lets get ready to rumbleweed V11 and I did Tumbleweed V10 

So thats all folks for now, Cheers ya'll
over and out

Monday, 10 September 2012

Summer trippin in the Loup!

Hey up everybody!! Its been a while since the blog got an up date. So here's one....
Well, we have just returned back from another amazing Euro trip to the south of France. It sounds crazy to think that we were out there for 5 weeks as it just went so quickly!  Me, Ed and Ethan all headed down in a very full Mazda bongo!
So we spent the majority of the time in this huge gorge just north of Nice called the Gorge du Loup and most of this time was spent climbing at the world famous Deverse sector. It was an incredible place to climb with some of the steepest and hardest routes in the world all packed into this one cliff. Tuffa’s and chipped pockets was the name of the game here. So yeh, a pretty wicked place to be if you like that kind of stuff. During the time we were there, some fairly amazing sends went down from a lot of people, including three 9as by some Euro beasts!! It was a pretty hard place to get used to as everything was just soooo hard and steep! I found the style of the climbing there pretty tough and didn’t quite get the sends that I was hoping for from the trip but still managed some stunners. Ed as per usual crushed most routes he got on and got some amazing sends!

Here were some of the highlights of the gorge Deverse Satanique 8a, Cascade 8a, Sika 8a, Arrow head 8a, Welcome to the jungle 8a, Quassai 8a+.

Ed powered his way up these beasts!- Hot Chili X 8c, Quenelles Trophy 8c, New Power Sacrafice 8c, Hot chili beans volcano 8b+, Honk 8b+, SatanX 8b, New Power Generation 8b, Soul Sacrifice 8b.

Deverse Satanique 8a
New Power Sacrafice 8c

Chateauverte DWS innit

 The Lettered Man in Antibes

7b+ in Chateauverte

Chillin int Calais

Ethan on New Power Generation 8b

Nice car!


Cheese Fondue!!

Quassai 8a+
South Normanton's most wanted
Then for the last week we needed a change, so headed across to Chateauverte near Aix and did some awesome 40metre pump fests as well as a few bouldery offerings. It was a tad warm but a great place to unwind and finish the trip off. The top routes were Atlantis 8a, Bill boullette 8a, Le Diktateur 7c+ and Alexandre du blocos 7c+.

All in all a great trip was had with over 100 routes climbed on amazing cliffs in a beautiful area of southern France. So, apart from spending 20 euros each in a posh campsite for the first couple of days because we didn’t know where to stay, the rest of the trip we didn’t spend a penny and dossed in a picnic spot with the best view in the world!  There were some pretty spicy moments bumping into the police, park rangers, the mayor and a lot of other stressful moments that got people a bit pissed off but we had some pretty rad times as well. 
Big Up to everyone we met out there, cheers bru's!! Bring on the next trip hey!
Oh yeh and last thing is a massive big up to Ethan and Tanja for the photo's. We stupidly forgot our camera so everything was either taken on his mobile or her camera!  Cheers guys! Check out his blog for a cool write up and more photos.

Peace x

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Spain diggin and UK OUT!

I have just returned from a great trip to Spain. I spent a week in Margalef and then went over to Siurana for a couple of days to end the trip off. I had already been to both of the crags some years ago so had some specific routes I wanted to try.  I wanted to crack a new grade category and was successful in doing so with a send of L’espiadimonis 8c/+. Another route that stood out amongst the others was a route called Doble Lluna, originally graded 8b/+ but I was informed afterwards that a hold had broken off, bumping it up to top end 8b+ possibly 8c?  We had 10 days of amazing weather, sometimes it was a little too hot but this meant climbing in the mornings and evenings. After spending 6 days in Margalef on pockets, my skin was thinning and I needed to pinch and crimp a few holds for a change. Hence my move to Siurana.

 Anyway before I get into too much detail I had a fun trip and can’t wait to return next year. My ticklist in the 8 days included

Siurana -

L’escamarla 7c+ (os)

Peixa 7c+ (os)

Gigololo 8a+ (2nd go)

Cop de Cigala 8a+ (2nd go)

Migranya Profunda 8b+ (2nd go)

Margalef –

El Allento Del Dragon 8a (2nd go)

Aeroplastica Extension 8a (os)

Vertigen 8a (2nd go)

El fustigador 8a+

Absolut 8a+

Deverse Cordes 8a+ (os)

El Mananeo 8b (2nd go)

Doble Lluna 8b+

L’espiadimonis 8c

After some quality escalade it was cool to finish with a glass of Cartoixa at the Scala Dei Priory. On my return to UK I had a great time watching the Queen’s jubilee down in London!
I have been back for 3 weeks now and have managed to send a couple of good route, first up was The Spider (8a) down in Chee Dale. This is one of the best route in the UK. Next up was Beeston Tor, Ethan and myself did Honorary Buoux 7c, its a great route but everything else at that crag was EPIC! might leave that place for a good 20 years now!
Gorges Du Loup soon! Rain now!

7a+ in Margalef

                                                                 Vertigen 8a, Margalef


La Cara Que No Miente 8a+

Migranya Profunda 8b+ (Adrien Berry taking shots)

Chillin at the Siurana refuge with the 3 D's


Migranya Profunda 8b+
Peace to G baby! little true boss

Friday, 18 May 2012

Never, Never Land

A classic route at a rare sunny Ramshaw crag, from last weekend!

Big span move leaving the crack


A bit camp that

Slopey shizz