Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Snogging Crocodiles and Petting Alligators

Had a cracking couple of weekends out on the grit recently! Perfect conditions to get your head back in the game for gritstone.
So last weekend I met Ethan up at Higgar tor. He had got there abit earlier and had already done the powerful lefthand arete Block and Tackle and so the only thing left to do on the block was Linkline (E6 6c). This we didnt really know too much about but after a couple of attempts, it was in the bag and what a great route it was! Pumpy, with long moves and good gear!!
Then this weekend, Saturday consisted of a bouldering sessions up at Burbage South ticking some classics that we had never done before.
The Sphinx V7 (high!), Boyager V8 (turd landing!) , Monochrome V8, Velvet Crab V7 and Rocket man V8+.
Then finally on Sunday I managed to finish off the wierd and amazing Dangerous Crocodile Snogging (E7 6c) at Ramshaw. I had been trying to do this route for a while now and everytime something seemed to go wrong with it. Firstly the weather is usually shit over that way and we got rained and snowed on a couple of times just before attempting the route. Then once, I forgot the key size 5 friend at home and then the last time we got there, someone was one it!!! Jeeez
Anyway was good to nail it this time!
Ed did a desperate problem called Ram Air V8+.

Got it on film too, Enjoy.....

Ed was in Slovenia over the last 10 days and here is a video of climbing Petting With An Alligator 8A+ Maltatal, Austria

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  1. Hi! Found you when I was googling bouldering in Polokwane. My son is there today and tomorrow (Christmas and Boxing Day) "stranded" so to speak. He is on an epic road trip moving a dozer for the UN. He loves to climb but with limited luggage options just took his bouldering shoes/chalk bag and brushes. Are there any good bouldering destinations near Polokwane?

    He doesn't have much in the way of transportation options as he is driving a semi with lowbow. No internet access, but he'll be calling in a few hours. His Facebook page is Ray SuperTrucker and the page of the road trip is The Joburg to Juba Juggernaut. His personal page is Ray Allen SInes.

    Thanks! his mom