Tuesday, 12 February 2013


It's been quite a while since I last wrote anything on here and quite a bit has happened over that time.
Firstly we both had great new years.
Ed headed off to Siurana in Spain with Ted and met some mates over there. It sounded like he had a cracking 10 days with perfect weather with a lot of psyched people! Highlights were the usual few 8a onsights as well as 3 8bs. He also checked out Montsant which sounded awesome!
And then as from last friday he's flown half way across the world to check out the climbing scene in Australia for a couple of months. Plans are to spend a lot of the time in Sydney and the Blue mountains. He'll be writing up some blogs for sure.

As for me! I've been spending a lot of my time over in Germany which has been amazing. I've been training hard at the gyms over there and in general having a great time! Its definitely not the season yet for climbing in the Frankenjura but its not far away and I can't wait to get stuck into some of the awesome lines of the forest.

Apart from that we had a fun day out in the snow at Rowtor a couple of weeks ago. We all managed the awesome highball line My Apple V8.
Then two weekends ago, Saturday was an amazing day weather wise and I was up at Stanage popular end with Oli Grounsell where we both managed a brilliant little gem, hidden among of the easy classics called Wall of Sound E6 6b. Then further down the cliff we did the classic roof climb Shine On E7 6c. Was great to be back on the grit after some time off!

Then last week Finn was up for a few days to get out on some trad and ended up having an amazing last day, where I sketched my way up the incredible Gaia E8 6c over at Black rocks. Had already tried to do it earlier in the week but just as I was getting my boots on it started snowing and totally covered the route. Pretty pist!!
This time however it all came together and after a few attempts trying to get through the desperate start (for shorties anyway!), I stuck the move and just had to keep it together for the top wall. Such an incredible route! Big respect to Finn for the psyche and the belay! Cheers buddy 
Managed to get it on film too.

Check it out, my first video effort! ha

And then this was the video that Ollie put together of Wall of Sound and Shine On. Nice one lad

Some shots too.......

My Apple V8

Wall of Sound E6 6b

Wall of Sound crux

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