Monday, 7 June 2010


Hey up!

Just got back from Autria last night, was a great competition and really phsyced!!

We met up with every one at Manchester airport and headed off to Autria. Had 2 full rest days chilling by the pool and swimming in a freezing cold pond was mint!!. On the day of the comp I had a great burn up the first route and fell going for the final jug BUMMER!! but was placed 5th after it, then on the 2nd route I topped out which was a great feeling and was through for the final placed joint 4th. On the final day I felt rested and ready to crush, I went out for the route viewing for 6 minutes worked out the route with a beastly climber 'Kevin Aglae' but I didnt see everything. When it was my turn to to climb I got to the point where I had not seen this hold and tried to pull straight through to the next hold which was about 2 meters away and fell which was very annoying!!. But it was my first EYS Final so I was phsyced and next time I will be ready for some hidden holds hahah

Peace out


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