Monday, 21 June 2010

More Cheese grated down in dale

Again having some great days down in the gorge. Been there about 10 times already since i've been home! What a place to be. Ed got the short and sharp Entree 8a done other day and I got the Spider 8a on the Plum buttress. Two great routes of complete different styles. Nice!! Anyway both had day off agian today and was keen to check out somewhere different. Headed to the Upper tier of embankment wall. Was abit of a fight through the jungle and shit path, Ed slipped and put his whole arm in a field of nettles but got there and abbed in. Was very impressed with it! Sweet crag in a great position above the valley. So ya got some nice onsights done then did the classic brown bag 2nd go and flashed Vision after some beta perfection from the boy. Nice one matey! He got that 2nd go and flashed brown bag.
Need a rest now for a few days and are heading south to watch some cricket. 1st ODI against the Aussies in Southampton. Well psyched for it! Hope they do better than the footballers. Then we are off to Glastonbury for the music fest. Which is going to be minted!!!!!! Back on Monday having rested the skin and head!

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