Monday, 18 March 2013

Oz Part 3

Well again its been a pretty busy week....It started off at The Glen where Nick was hoping to get a few more pictures but unfortunatly the weather wasnt so great so we both just decided to climbed instead. I managed to make a send of 'Tutu Sullied Flesh' (8a) and finished the day with a great couple of 7c's.

 Next up was Bardens Lookout, I was keen to try and tick a climb called Bloodline (8b/+) which is an amazing route with plenty of roof climbing. The conditions that day where just excellent. After warming up I managed to send the route first red-point. I was super happy about that!

 After a rest Holger had recommended I go for the flash on its neighbour 'Brain Haemorrhage' (8b) at first I thought that was a little to much but finally decided to go for it and to my surprise I climbed all the way to the top ;) This was my first flash of this grade.....and what a great feeling it was!!!!

'Some Kind Of Bliss' (8b) The Besst!!!

Hiding from the dog!!
Represent CAC in da house!!
Photo - Nick Fletcher
The next day I met up with Karen who was keen to head to Diamond Falls. She was trying to finished off a route called 'Mr Meaner' (8a+). She came very close that morning but unfortunalty fell high up on the last hard move of the crux.....I was keen to try Mr Line (8b+). This link adds a much harder start into the crux of Hairline 2000 (7c+) After working out the moves low down....I rested and then sent on my 2nd try ;) good moves!!!.....I am heading back to DF tomoz to meet up with Karen. Cant wait to try Mr Tickle (8b+).....Lets see what happens.....5 days to go!!!!

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