Monday, 25 March 2013

Final update from Oz

Well my time here is coming to an end....I have had a BRILLIANT time climbing and cant wait to return to sample The Grampians next........

I dont want to bore you with to much but over the last few day I have managed to ssend a couple of great routes. First up was Pooferator (8b)....This is a fantastic route and was the last of harder climbs left on my went down on a super strong windy day ;) then I met back up with Nick a few days later and got some great pictures on a climb called Equaliser (8a)......

Here is my list of 8's from the last 25 days of climbing over 2 months.......Climbing in the Blue mountains is just unreal......The rock/views and wildlife are just truely incerdible!! I want to thank everyone who helped with places to stay and showing/giving me belays at some of the best crags in the world!!
Equaliser 8a.
Photo - Nick Fletcher

Tiger Cat 8c (4th ascent)
Mr Tickle 8b+
Mr Line 8b+ (2nd go)
Pooferator 8b
Staring at the sea 8b
Point Break 8b (2nd go)
Dont Believe the hype 8b
Big Wednesday 8b (2nd go)
Aristocat 8b
Some Kind Of Bliss 8b (2nd go)
Bloodline 8b
Brain Haemorrhage 8b (flash)
Mr meaner 8a+ (flash)
Microwave 8a+ (flash)
Tripe 8a+
Tuckered Out 8a+
Bloodshot 8a+ (2nd go)
Tiger Snatch 8a (2nd go)
Green Grass 8a (flash)
August 1914 8a (flash)
Tsunami 8a (2nd go)
Mostly harmless 8a
Dont believe the tripe 8a (2nd go)
Mudeye 8a
Tutu sullied flesh 8a (2nd go)
Super Duper Goo 8a
Equaliser 7c+/8a (2nd go)

Brain Haemorrhage 8b.
Photo - Nick Fletcher
I hope to return soon to meet back up with so many great people and test out some new crags/areas ......I am chillin in Sydney for the last few days before heading back to Uk.....I am only there for 2 weeks and then heading with Ethan,Ted and me bro to the Frankenjura for 1 month in April/May......Bring on the good times ;)
Cheers guys


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