Thursday, 12 April 2012

East Asia!!

I've just returned back home from an amazing 3 weeks in Asia. The first few days were spent in Hong Kong watching Fiji run loops around all other oposition in the Rugby 7's tournement. Then we headed off to Thailand with a couple of mad days in Bangkok before flying off to Krabi and then the climbing paradise that is Tonsai! So instead of writing an essay about the trip thought I would just put loads of pictures up documenting it! Enjoy.....


Final- Fiji vs New Zealand

Fiji won!!

Towerblocks above the stadium

Chinese dragon celebration

Hong Kong skyline!

Zimbos beating the Canadians!

Hong Kong stadium

Hong Kong island

Bangkok Thailand

Now thats a hat!

The Thais like there brights colours!

Bangkok tansport

hmm maybe not

Monks in orange

Grand Palace

Bangkok at night


Elephant riding in Au Nang!!

Early morning sea fishing!

Type= Needle Fish

Tonsai and Railay beach


Dum's kitchen

7b+ on Tyrolean Wall

These guys knew how to climb!

Wild moves on Tantrum 8a+

Our family abode

Sex Power 8a on Tonsai wall

litl one

Throwing funky shapes

Phet Maak 7c+

One of the crag inhabitants

Baby Gorilla 7c

Warming up

Now those are Stalactites!

Classic Tonsai route Tidal wave 7b+

Tonsai beach

Low Tide wall


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