Friday, 22 July 2011


Was up everybody.....
We are at Ceuse and have been here for over 4 weeks now!!! We have had an amazing time out here doing loads of incedible routes, meeting some amazing people, doing alot of walking up and down the infamous hill and alot of chilling out in the sun!
What a beautiful place to be!!

Here are some of the incredible routes we've done so far:

My Ticklist:

La Femme Noir 7c (os)
Galaxy 7c (rp)
La Chose 7c (rp)
Berlin 7c (rp)
L' errance d'une Passion 7c (f)
Hyper Mickey 7c (rp)
Vagabond d'Occident 7c (onsight)
Blanches Fesses 7c (os)
Corps etranger 7c (os)
Les Rodhodendrons 7c+ (rp)
Teuchipa 7c (os)
Tenere 7c+ (os)
Privalige de serpent 7c+ (os)
Makach Walou 7c+ (os)
Mirage 7c+ (os)
Le Migicien de Riga 7c+ (rp)
Carte Blanche 8a (Redpoint)
Bourinator 8a (Redpoint)
Petit Tom 8a (rp)
Coulur du vent 8a (rp)
Les Collenetts 8a (rp)
L'ami Couette 8a (rp)
Dolce Vita 8a+ (rp)
La Femme Blanche 8a+ (rp)
Seurs Froids 8a+ (2nd go)

Ed's Ticklist:

Monnaie de singe 8a 3rd go,
Berlin 7c onsight,
Rodhodendrons 7c+ flash,
Galaxy 7c onsight,
Le privilege du serpent 7c+ onsight,
Mirage 7c+ onsight,
Petit tom 8a flash,
Radote joli pepere 8b 2nd go,
Blocage violent 7b+ onsight,
Dolce vita 8a+ 2nd go,
L'errance dune passion 7c onsight,
La couleur du vent direct 8a+ 2nd go,
La chose 7c onsight,
Le colenette 8a onsight,
Le magicien de riga 7c+ onsight,
Bibendum 7b+ onsight,
Bourinator 8a flash,
Carte blanche 8a flash,
Suerus froides 8a+ onsight,
Vagabond d'occident 7c onsight,
Blanche fesses 7c onsight,
Correspondence imaginaire 7c+ onsight,
Corpes etrager 7c onsight,
Violent illusion 8b 4th go,
Queue de rat 7b+ onsight,
Makach walou 7c+ onsight,
L'amie de tout le monde 8b 2nd go.

Ed goes today for a comp in Bulgaria while me and Ethan have a few more days left at Ceuse. Then Ethan heads home on wednesday and I head over to Arco for a few days then onwards to Zillertal in Austria for all of August. Super Pysched!!!!!

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