Friday, 10 June 2011

Yorkshire Hit & New Van!!

ED’s POST!!!!! -----------------

Just had a 5 day hit up in North Yorkshire at Malham and Kilnsey for my half term! This was to try out our amazing new van and see what were the good sides and bad for the up-coming euro road trip. We drove up on the Saturday morning and climbed everyday up to Wednesday evening. We were also treated with an amazing ascent of All Out 8b+ by Chris Savage!! The weather was not great to start off but gradually got better as the weekend ended. Our ticklist over the last week of climbing from Yorkshire and peak area included-


The Jekyll (7c+ on sight)
Dead Calm (8a 2nd go)
Le Lapin (8a 2nd go)
Cold Steel (8a 2nd go)
Mid-Ledge Spread (8a+)
Soft Option (8a+ 2nd go)
Brick Top (8b)
La Connection (8b 2nd go)
Brief Encounter (8b)
Massala Martyr (8b)
Austrian Oak (8b)


Myra Hindley (7c onsight)
This is the sea (7c+)
Zero Option (7c+)
The Jekyll (7c+ 2nd go)
Cold steel (8a)
Le Lapin (8a)
Dead Calm (8a 2nd go)
Soft Option (8a+)
Hot Flushes (8a)

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