Friday, 5 November 2010


Just got back from a great trip out to Rodellar in Spain. This is with out doubt the best place I have ever been climbing! It is heaven on earth for any climber who likes long, steep sport routes. A wonderland of the steepest crags set in a beautiful gorge where the stuff dreams are made! We spent 6 days at the newly built Kalandraka refugio, which is fanatastic place to base one self. All within walking distance from the crags. Had great fun in the evenings at the bar, chatting to psyched climbers from all over the world, eating good food, drinking cerveza and playing free pool!! The most perfect place to be! We didnt use the hired car all week. Anyway yeh the climbing was out of this world. Was abit of a shock to the system to start off with as every thing was just SO STEEP, long and on tuffa's! But after a couple of days I got use to it and climbed some amazing routes. It was great to do some really long onsights and redpoints again. Its my favorite style of climbing. I ticked some of the great classics such as Nanuk 7c, Egocentisimo 7c, El Delfin 7c+, A Crabita 8a and finished the week off with a pressured last effort on the last day ascent of Les Chacals 8b! 35 metres of the most perfect limestone, with tuffa's, pockets, crimps and a redpoint crux at about 30 metres. Was so happy to send it!!
So yeh a brilliant trip had and we shall be back.


  1. Hey boy!
    It was a pleasure to meet you and your family in Rodellar last 31th december 2010.
    Back to work in Brussels I can't stop thinking about this wonderful place called Rodellar..
    My cousin (Pako)told me he was with you in the dolphin sector and told me about your blog. You're great guys!
    Please let me know were can I send you the picture with the biggest smile ever seen of your father.
    I hope to see you again in spring time and take a picture of your smile too.
    Happy new year Hamer Family!


  2. Hey Julia! What a nice surprise.
    Yeh Rodellar is for sure such an amazing place! We just love it and we all had a great trip over New Year!! Perfect weather and perfect climbing.
    The New Years eve party was a fun night for sure!! hahaha Didnt climb so well the next day though :) Very Hungover...
    Thats fantastic that you found our blog! We have only recently started writing it over the summer and its good to see people looking at it! Thank You. We are planning a big climbing roadtrip in the summer down to Catalunya and Rodellar. Very exited for it!!
    That would be great to see the photo you took
    email is
    Would be great to catch up again in 2011...
    Maybe Rodellar in summer
    Cool, See you