Wednesday, 17 November 2010

MECCA 8b+!!!!!!!!!

Managed to tick Mecca (8b+) on monday 15th november. It was the second day of red-pointing. I first tried it for about 15 minutes last wednesday in the sun and it felt desperate so sacked it off and went home!. Then came back with my mum on the saturday and was syked to just go for a redpoint attempt! I shocked myself by getting to the last few moves which was sick! i then had 3 more goes and kept getting closer and closer to finishing but had nothing left in the tank that day and the light was fading so had to leave it. On the monday the temps were sick cold and I felt strong, had a quick play on it brushing and warming up then sent it first redpoint!, it felt very steady and amazing!! totally syked for some more crushage!
peace out
mutha lickers!

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