Friday, 20 August 2010

Vienna EYS/ Chee Dale and New House!!

Hey There,
Just got back from Vienna EYS competition which was great fun! I managed to get into the final but AGAIN!! fell on this dirty pinch move low down and overall came 10th place out of about 35 competitior's. I was pretty happy with this but still it wasnt good enough ;) haha.

Since I have been back we have been down to the chee dale cornice again were I got on Monumental Armblaster (8a+) and ticked it second go which was nice, and sam is very close on doing R'n'P also (8a+). The weather has been pretty crap atm so have been chilling in the baker's flat quite alot not doing very much. In just under 3 weeks now Its the Lead world cup up at ratho in edinburger so am training like a beast to get the best possible result I can!

Good new's we are moving into our new house in Over Haddon in Septembre which is gunna be mint! So we are looking forward to that!

Cheers Brewster

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