Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Anstey's Cove

Yo yo
We have just retured from a good trip down at Anstey's Cove, we spent the last 6 days there but unfortunatly we only got 3 out of the 6 days that were good!!. We arrived on tuesday evening and were sooo psyched that we had to go for a climb, we both managed to do the classic 'Empire Of The Sun' (7b) onsight, then we both flashed these 7c+'s which were 'Avenged and Last Revenge' which are both amazing routes!!. Then we had to sit out the next few days because of the weather which totally wet the crag!. On the friday we began ticking again, we both got on La Creme as it was the only route dry which is a trickly little number at 7c+ we both ticked it, then sam did an E5 6a route to the left which was abit gimpish as it should just get a sport route at 6c?!, Later I (ed) did the cool link-up which involved an easier start into tuppence at around 8a+ and got it sencond go yeee ;)! The next day was amazing, Sam ticked 'The Cider Soak' (8a) second try and I did 'the lynch' (7b+) flash and also ticked 'Uzi In My Pocket' (7b+) onsight. On our last day I was psyched for Cider Soak and managed to flash it quit comfortably and then did 'Tuppence (8b) 3rd try' which was a nice end to the trip. Just before I forget We also checked out Torbryan Quarry and did the classic 6c and 7a+/7b 'thread Flinstone!
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