Friday, 23 August 2013

Lulworth DWSss

A couple of weeks ago, just after returning from my Canada trip, we made a quick decision to head south and get involved with this Deep water soloing malarkey. I couldnt get the van packed quick enough and we headed down the motorways straight for the famous Lulworth cove near Swanage.
We arrived at about 7 in the evening after a fairly hefty drive and I could not control myself with excitement!
We headed straight down for Stair hole, almost running to get on the rock and after that first route (horny lil' devil) the tide was set and we ended up having 3 of the best days climbing I've ever experienced.
It was sheer joy climbing these routes totally free above the blue sea.
Long live DWS!
The following week we spent a few days surfing down at Sennen cove at Lands end, managed a day over at Nare head, Cornwall dws cliff, then the last few days over at Berry head in Devon.

Here's a neat video edit, the routes that got sent and some photos from the trip! Enjoy.....

Crazy Notion 7a+
Animal Magnetism 7a+
The Gates of Greyskull 7b+
Stage Divin 7a+
Anarchy Stampede 7a
Window of Opportunity 7b
Hornier than thou 7b+
Z-cars 7b
Horny lil devil 7a
Adrenochrome 8a
Mark of the beast 7c
Pump up the beast 8a (ed!)

Nare head:
Lemoria 6b
Ong Bak 7b+

Berry Head:
Rainbow Scoop 6c
White meat 7a
Cod Tympani 7a+
White rhino tea 7a
Pink roadster 7a
Cutlass 8a from Ed

Mark of the beast crux!

Al showin his skills

Gates of Greyskull

Ed on Adrenochrome

Topping out...yeeeeah boi!

Nare Head in Cornwall

Lemoria 6b

Ong Bak 7b+

Lulworth youths

Horny lil devil

Cod Tympani (cheers Andre Hedger for photos!)



Al becoming the hunter!

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