Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Imst World Cup!!

In between the outdoor climbing I did 3 competitions, 2 Europeans and 1 World Cup.

The first of the competitions was in Bulgaria. It was the 2nd EYC competition. I managed to come 4th place (my best in a European!!)

The 2nd of the competitions was in Austria, this was the 3rd EYC. I managed to make the final again but did not climb as well and came 10th at the end.

10 days after this it was the main event, The World Youth Climbing Cup, again this was held in Austria in Imst. It was a fantastic competition. This is by far the best competition result I have ever had!! I managed 2nd place in the final! VERY SYKED!!!! Before this my best World Cup placing was 17th!

Here's a stash of photo's from the comp, Check em out!!

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