Friday, 4 February 2011


Went up to Baslow yesterday for the first time to check out two wicked looking routes, Poppers E5 6c and The Grand Potato E6 6b. The sending team out was Ed, Steve, Ethan and me! The first route to go down was the amazing Grand Potato, which climbs straight up this slopey arete with great, unusual moves above 'slightly' dodgy gear. Ethan and I chose to lead it, using the gear. Steve however sacked that off and went for the all out solo. His first attempt pretty much got him to the top but had too cold hands to finish it and ended up jumping down from the top of the crag!!!! THE biggest jump down I've ever seen! Scary times..... He somehow got back up and dispached it next go. Awesome!
We then all had a go at the tricky Poppers. This starts with a wierd V7, involving a big jump to a good break and bomber gear, then some crimpy chicken head pulling to a slopey top out. It took a while to get the start, then you just had to pull hard on some thin holds. I got it first and then Ed nailed it second. Two brilliant little routes, hidden away in the tree's. We finished the day off bouldering, with Edwardo ticking Flatworld

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