Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Grit and BBC's

Have been out a bit more recently as the weathers impoved and the days are getting slightly longer!! We both ticked Genocide up at Cratcliffe last week which is a brilliant E6 6c. Short and sweet! Took a few lobs on it (see video!). Then today was up at Bamford for the first time, avec Adam B where we did Jasmin E6 6b. A nice short wall on slopey crimps and a dodgy landing. Great to be back on the grit routes again! We also spent last weeknd down in London at The Outdoor Show where we competed in the BBC's. I am shit at comps and unsurprisingly didnt do that well but had a fun day out. Ed, however did very well coming 11th out of a strong field and around 60 climbers.


  1. Brought back memories! I did it about 15 years ago and really struggled with the reach at the top (even though I top-roped it first). A classic hidden gem. Did you check out Reticent Mass Murderer just round the corner?

    Keep it up (but don't hit the ground). Ollie

  2. Yeh its classic Moffat route! Hidden away on a ledge above the crag, with a real tough crux. Took quite a few goes to nail it! Reticent mass murderer looked very narly and a tad wet. One for another time.