Saturday, 18 September 2010

Grit soloing

Havnt had anything that major to report recently. Been abit quiet amusing myself on some of the grit crags round here. Have just been on a solo mission the last few days seeing how many routes I could tick in a day. Did 53 routes at stanage last Sunday which was awesome, then was up there again couple of days ago doing 33 and yesterday did 37 at Burbage north. Nothing hard, just up to HVS but has been great fun just going up, down up. Such freedom and no faffing about with ropes and gear!! Good preparation too for this winter.
Psyched for the grit season to kick off! So many amazing lines to climb.
Here are two shots of a couple of mint routes we did last winter.
Rowley Birkin at Higgar tor and Balance it is at Burbage

Oh and Ed was up in Ratho(again!)competing in the World Youth Cup last weeknd. He will write a wee thing for it.
Chau chau

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