Friday, 30 July 2010

Hi There Gezza's,
Just got back from a team training meet in Scotland up at Ratho wall, where the french team trained with us for 5 days!! Which was inspiring!!!. The main goal was to compete in the Open Youth Competition and then hopefully get selected for the World Cup Lead in september. After both qual routes which went well, I set up to beast the final route but had an epic on it!, I clipped wrong draw's half way up which ment I had to climb back down and then un-clip them hehehe fun times but after about 4 minutes my clips were right and then only had enough left in the tank to do 5ish more moves which was gay!! but overall I finished 3rd place behind some french beasts but managed to beat one of them which was cool shit!!!.

On final route ;) I am training hard atm for the next EYS in Vienna in 13 days!!! and also for the World's in about 4/5 weeks time. really phsyced to climb some hard shit!

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